Success Stories



Feb, 2020


James has attended the Horizon Science Academy from Elementary, Middle, and now High school. I have been a fan of the diversity of the school and the attention to the science curriculum as well. I have been grateful for the high school teachers ability to support and develop James with his education in spite of some of the learning challenges. The teachers ensure that their classrooms provide a safe learning space where the students can share ideas and ask questions. This school is one of the few that promote home visits during school and holidays continuing to bridge the gap between parent, student, and teacher relationships driving the necessary accountability for all involved. There is open dialogue between parent and teacher that is instrumental in supporting a child’s education and I think Horizon Science High School strives to make this a focus and priority and a true testament for the school’s continued success


Akasi Armah





I apologize for the delay in writing this but if it was my kid’s team I would want to know. I was at a high school tournament at Heath High School where you all were playing Newark Catholic. As a heath bulldog fans I was certainly rooting against Newark Catholic and I only caught the end of the game but what I saw from your coach and team needs to be commended. At the end of the game, Newark Catholic had won on the scoreboard but lost in regards to things more important. Here is what I observed from your boys basketball squad:
First, they held their heads high, looked the other team in the eye with pride when shaking  hands after the game. If this isn’t an example of integrity and self respect being effectively taught then one doesn’t exist. The coach and some of the players even went out of the way to shake the hand of a player from Catholic in crutches on the bench. I watched the coach congratulating the other players.
After this, I watched them go immediately to their bench, straighten the chairs, clean up their trash, and left it looking like I one had been there.
At no time, despite the loss, did I see any players throwing fits, being disrespectful, or express a quitting attitude.
These things may seem small or cliché and this is the only thing I have seen or know about your academy, but altogether this shows an outstanding implementation of developing young men and good leaders through athletics. I just thought you all should be commended for that.
God bless,


Dr Derek Myers





I am a single mother of four boys I never expected a rose and a card from my son’s school delivered to me on  Mother’s Day. It was like sending me on a vacation that I will soon be blessed with one day. I am very grateful and blessed.  Thank you so MUCH HORIZON for the smile I forgot I had !!!  Enjoy your summer !


Ms. Davis




Hello, my name is Shumi Aroy and I am the mother of XXX who is currently a Junior at Horizon Science Academy High School of Columbus. lf l had more than one child, no doubt in mind that he/she would attend Horizon Science Academy as well. Horizon is a great school, the teachers are extremely dedicated to the students and Horizon has a warm assuring environment. At Horizon the kids don’t just meet new friends and people, they meet people who they consider family and that’s just something public schools can’t compare too.

The fact that people are trying to take me freedom away from me in deciding which school my child attends disturbs me. I chose Horizon Science Academy for my child for a reason. Mainly to keep my child away from all the negativity and disorder that goes on in the Public school system. And I stand firmly behind my choice.


-Shumi Aroy



October 2014


I think Horizon Science Academy is a good school choice for my child because it has lots of nice and wonderful teachers. The teachers are well equipped in wanting success for their students. I’m beyond impressed with the quality of learning my son is receiving from Horizon high school. He’s definitely excelling ways beyond what I’m have measure him he would in a public school.

The teachers and staff at Horizon Have been more than accommodating to the needs of my child. The first junior to be a president in the National Honor Society is something that every mother should be proud of and that is because of the persistent and efforts of the teachers in Horizon High School. My son’s attitude in learning has definitely improved 100% since attending this school. I would and have recommended Horizon Science Academy High School to any parent looking for a wonderful and caring school for their children.

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Shaeib Gedi



Oct, 2014


I, Deborah Dandy, am a proud parent of a current Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School senior student since the 7th grade, wish to make clear to any and all interested parties that I chose The Horizon Science Academy Charter Schools in Columbus, Ohio specifically to assist me in educating my son precisely because of their high expectations of their students, staff and excellence and do wish for my son to complete his formal education and graduate from Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School this coming school year. I was so very glad that Horizon Science Academy Columbus Schools were available for my son and I chose because I strongly feel that the public school system was failing my son in many, if not all, areas pertaining to his education and also feel that if the charter schools are removed from the list of possible choices from parents that it will be a great injustice to all people, and our society as a whole will suffer greatly.


Deborah Dandy-Jones, Parent of a Senior at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School


May 15, 2014


Dear Mr. Sechen, Columbus Horizon High Administration and Teachers,

It is with great pleasure that I am sending you this letter to affirm you on the great work you are doing at the Columbus Horizon High School. It has truly been an honor for me to have spent this past Tuesday, May 13, 2014 with your 12‘h grade graduating class on their senior outing day. l have been honestly touched by the discipline, the excellent behavior, the oneness of their whole group as one team, and the politeness of each of them. I am very proud of them and moreover, proud of the work you all, teachers and administrators are doing. The culture you have established in your school has proven itself once again by producing these fine teenagers who have made such a great impact on me and on the people they came in contact with.
Please keep up the great work! You have the most wonderful work on earth which is to produce the future great leaders of this great nation and of our world. Thanks for all you do. May the Almighty God bless you all as you educate our children!



Mikafiu Daboni, Parent



Oct, 2010


“Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have ever done with my boys without Horizon. I would tell anybody to send their children there.”


D’Shon Scott’s Mom




For the past three years my children have attend HORIZON SCIENCE ACADEMY. It is with great pleasure I write this letter to say you have helped to pave the road to higher education. In turn, the students of HORIZON ACADEMY SCHOOL have shared their fortune, growing into adults who create jobs, raise healthy families, commit to community service and give back to others what they were given.



Patricia Hendrix
Financial Analyst 


Aug, 2010


Horizon, Above and Beyond A Parents Educational Dream…

I reflected back on the high school years of my son, who is now a sophomore in college, who attended the Horizon Science Academy in Columbus, Ohio, I can only speak about the great educational challenge of success ,measured by a true valuable school concept which was focused on the youth learning. This I as a parent believe is one on the best educational programs above and beyond the horizon of my son’s professional destiny.
As a parent and my son’s first teacher, I participated in his educational journey with the welcoming hands of his new teachers and administration team of the Horizon Science Academy.
The Horizon Science Academy High School provided a journey of true concern and active participation at that time in our sons educational college preparation.
I have actively participated in the community for over twenty five years as a youth advocate and established a youth organization that aims to Impact, Imart and Awaken the full potential within oneself. The Horizon Science Academy High School relayed the same message of intent that of my husbands and my expectation and vision for our son to build Integrity, Character and Excellence in his learning excelaration potential.

The educational field trips, the emphasis on advanced science studies, the compassion to involve the youth and the family in learning, provided by the Horizon Science Academy High School was the same method we had used years earlier in homeschooling our son. This was one of the determining factors to put our son in the Horizon Science Academy High School. As a parent, I was alerted by the teachers of grades,functions and if tutoring was needed. The staff at that particular time, did not allow students to fail,slip below the high mark of academic excellence. I have had the experience of working with concerned,involved staff members and directors such as Mr .Kara, and Mr .David, who effectively kept the school in order and showed an application of concern, A number one administrative assistant,Mrs. Joe who gave us necessary and correct information for school entry and calendar information. Then a great science professor, Mr. Shephard who is one of the real reasons we trusted in the program, Ms Hill who guided our son right to college with a mature strategy and plan, Mrs Shepphard, dared our son to dream for higher standards and Mrs. Harless, one of the best English teachers. Mr Taysever used great planning devices to assure youth were challenged in performance for direction clarity.

The counselors Mr Kapi, Mr Gezgin, and Mr Gabrille, were super in making sure I had everything in line for our son’s college journey . Mr. Yasar and Mr. J, were consistent and in attendance at the school events and always gave gifts of inspiration. Over the four years ,2005-2009, our son achieved high test scores, passed all the OGT tests, great memories ,healthy relationships, but overall a lasting educational experience.
I believe Horizon Science Academy High School, is a great place for youth to Achieve Educational Excellence and assured to Graduate with College Preparation.


Mrs. Aundrea Gibson, Columbus,Ohio
Proud Parent and Facilitator



Aug, 2010


I want to say I have been very happy with my son at Horizon High School. I found out about Horizon when he was about to go in the 7th grade, on the internet. I was looking for a school best suited for him and I am glad I found Horizon Middle and now Horizon High. Both schools have truly been good for him and I really appreciate how he has been involved in his studies.


Mrs. Michelle R. Jones



Feb, 2020


Horizon Science Academy High School is a small school compared to other high schools, but that’s the best thing about Horizon since the school is small the staff and teachers get to bond with the students and encourage the students to go above and beyond. This school has many things to offer like College Credit Plus and Edgenuity. The staff will always try to find more and more opportunities for their students to be successful.


Jesse Mensah



Feb, 2020


I’ve been a student at Horizon Science Academy High School for quite a few years now, and I don’t think any other school I’ve attended has had so many different opportunities for students. Its diversity is an amazing experience and opportunity. The school focuses a lot on STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which is soon to add Art into it and become STEAM. We have a lot of classes in the CTE category such as Patient Care, Medical Terminology, Pharmacy Technician, Human Body Systems, and even Biomedical Science. These classes give the students an opportunity to earn college credit and get certified in an area before they even graduate from high school. This certification could help students find a job in their area faster because they have experience and knowledge in their field from their classes. We also have a lot of extracurricular programs such as the National Arts Honors Society, National Honors Society, Concept Young Scholars Program, and even robotics and engineering. Horizon Science Academy High School is a great school and gives students the best of the best opportunities.


Paree Chinary



Jan, 2020


Choosing a high school from middle school is a big step. I chose Horizon Science Academy mainly because of the extracurricular classes they provide. From science fair to CTE classes to College credit plus. Since being at Horizon I’ve enjoyed the fact that I can take classes that can benefit me in getting a career in my future path. Another great advantage is they offer the taking Classes at Columbus State University and graduate high school with an associate’s degree.


Ayah Mesbah



Jan, 2020


Horizon Science Academy High School is a great school for students looking for an education that is abundant in science, math, and technology. This school is notorious for preparing its students for both college and career by having classes that are fully focused on helping students learn about real-world jobs and careers as well as using common methods used by colleges and Universities. An amazing example is our CTE program that includes classes in Pharmacy Tech., Patient Care, and Microsoft Office. These classes not only get students certified in different areas but also help students accommodate career skills that will help elevate them in the future. Our school also has great extracurricular activities such as NAHS, NHS, CYSP, Robotics club, and etc. These activities help students learn important values such as leadership skills, creativity, and the importance of contributing to the community. HSA is also rich in a diverse array of cultures and celebrating these cultures is very important to the school’s community. In other words, this school is excellent as it teaches students important values, helps students competently enter college as well as the workforce, and is a great environment for growth and learning about the real world.


Rita Slaouihakim



Oct, 2010


“Horizon Science Academy is my second house, I feel as if am with my family. The teachers are not just teachers but friends as well. The students feel safe inside the building and confident about their learning. “


Salmane Salih



Nov, 2010


I’ve been going to Horizon since my freshman year. Horizon is not only a school but a second home for students. We have a wonderful and amazing teachers who play as role models in our lives on a daily basis. They care about our education and even offer to tutor us after school. Horizon is not only about getting good grades and getting to a good colleges, it teaches us discipline and how to respect each other. I honestly love going here, and I honestly can’t see myself going anywhere else.


Karima Salih



January, 2020


I am literally seeing and enjoying the marvellous journey of Horizon Science Academy School from just a traditional high school, to college prep, to career pathway, and finally to be a Stem School.
From my initial days in this school from August, 2018, I have had the chance to witness, an amazing teaching and learning environment not only for our students but
for all the staff members at the school.
Specially talking about the Career Technical Education (Health Science) Career Pathways,
Under the visionary leadership of our CTE Director, Mrs. Fatma Zehra Aykan, our progress has been really very amazing and remarkable.
HSA HS being one of the pioneer chartered school in CT education, is trying to touch the peak of it.
From just offering only 2-4 courses in 2018., now we are offering almost around 8 different CTE Health Science Courses, out of which 2 of them, the pharmacy technician and patient care technician training and certificate program/courses, will not only provide the enrolled students with fundamental knowledge and skills about the profession, but they will also be privileged to get an industry recognized credential from US accredited National HealthCareer Association upon completion of the program/course.
Besides from traditional classroom, we are also striving
Very sincerely to get affiliated with some health care facilities so that we can offer internship opportunities for
Our students. In this connection, we had a great success,
And 10 students will be completing their internship at
Walk-in-Urgent Care, by the end of school year in 2020.
We have finalized recently another partnership with Family Urgent Care to provide internship opportunities for the next coming year.
There is a lot to write about CTE (Health Science) stuff,
Including HOSA, HS Advisory committee, Columbus Works Speakers Series, trips, tours and site visits, that
It is not possible to encompass everything in these few lines and few pages.
I would just say, to all, that don’t wait, to explore the
Marvellous and tremendous opportunities being provided
By this school, under its visionary, hardworking and able leadership and administration., which is always eager to
Provide emerging innovative approach for teaching and learning.


Dr. Asif R. Shao (MD).




Oct, 2014


I respond to recent Dispatch articles reporting an FBI investigation into possible E-rate program abuses at Horizon Science Academy and complaints by former Horizon Science Academy Dayton employees. My response is based on nine years of employment with Horizon Science Academy Columbus High as a teacher and department chairwoman. In regard to the FBI investigation, I am confident the outcome will confirm propriety within Horizon Science Academy’s fiscal management, for employees are consistently instructed to maintain detailed records, including receipts and communications to ensure transparency. According to the July 23 article, “FBI inquiry linked to tech vendors,” “a handful of former teachers at a Horizon school in Dayton have made several allegations about that school, including unreported sexual activity in the school, unequal treatment of students and teachers, and standardized test cheating.” As a teacher at HSA Columbus High, I cannot speak to what happens in Dayton, but I can say that our administrators are expedient, thorough and consistent with their responses to student discipline. Furthermore, student discipline is administered fairly, without preference to anyone. I have never witnessed unequal treatment of students or teachers. As for testing practices, we even go so far as to use yardsticks to ensure mandated distances between desks. Additionally, the distribution of test booklets and answer sheets, proctoring, collection and processing are supervised by a team of highly-qualified educators who are rigid in their adherence to state and College-Board instructions. Finally, I would be remiss not to mention that our Columbus high school has twice been rated excellent by the State Board of Education and awarded status as a Blue Ribbon School of Promise. Our entire staff, our students and our parents have worked earnestly to accomplish these goals, so we must not allow allegations against a separate entity to tarnish what we, in Columbus, have accomplished.


Renee L. Harless




Oct, 2014


The past few weeks have been difficult for Concept Schools in Ohio due to the FBI investigation into use of funds and the accusations made to the State Board of Education concerning Horizon Science Academy in Dayton. On Tuesday, Innovation Ohio issued a press release alleging that Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School could have cheated in standardized testing based on discrepancies in state Performance Index scores and ACT averages. The organization is lobbying for the investigation to be expanded to the Columbus schools. People fail to realize that data tell only part of the story. My colleagues and I ensure the security of all testing materials and follow all testing protocols. We do offer ACT classes as a part of our curriculum and assist them in applying for testing. No one, to my knowledge, has ever cheated or aided someone to cheat. Teachers and staff seek to be people of integrity and strong character and work to be positive examples to our students. Ultimately, these accusations affect one group: the students. I have the honor to teach students from all over the world and from all walks of life. These students come to HSA for many reasons, ranging from their parents seeking a change in schools to their parents seeking a better life in a new country. They work hard conquering new challenges, setting goals and building lifelong relationships. The teachers willingly give up planning periods, time after school and their weekends to work with students who need academic help, seek help for a specific interest, or just need mentoring and guidance for life issues. What people do not see is the joy when a child is the first in his family to attend school beyond eighth grade, let alone graduate from high school. No school is without flaw or blemish and we are making necessary changes to fix any flaws in the system. However, from these recent accusations, it’s clear that people with power and influence forget about the human cost. My students should not have to worry about investigations and if their safe place is in danger because people want to find a reason to see them fail.


Casanova T.L. Green




Oct, 2010


I have worked for Horizon Science Academy for 9 years and have watched it grow and get better every year. It has been the highlight of my 48 years in education. I have enjoyed getting to know and understand the multicultural staff (some are now my very good friends). Working with the parents and students has been very rewarding because you really get to know them. . It is a joy to see a student excel here when they were failing at the previous school. One the best experiences is the fact that students keep in touch even after graduation. This is a great school!!


Mrs.Barnett (Admin Assistant)



Oct, 2010


HSA is a great school. If your goal is to go to College, this is the place to be in. Our teachers are dedicated to our students’ goals; they are experienced and highly qualified. They will take you through the difficult, ruff path of learning and reaching your fullest potential. Experiments in Science, inventing new things, learning to make speeches before a big audience, overcoming obstacles will make you stronger. It will also bring you closer to your personal goal.


Mrs. Tatiana Kay
ESL Teacher



Oct, 2010


When I moved here from Georgia I did not want to be a teacher anymore as I was dissatisfied with public education. Horizon called me in for an interview, and as I needed a job, I reluctantly went. That was 2 years ago and I am now on my 3rd year with the Horizon family.
What a difference being part of charter school is. The school is like a family to staff and students with everyone working toward the same goal…educating students to be all that they can be. Every staff member is dedicated to helping the student as can be seen by giving up time with their own families to tutor students on Saturday, working past the end of the day when a student needs help, and visiting students in their homes.
Another aspect of our success is in student discipline. Our students know the rules and we enforce them without prejudice. Horizon staff is united in their efforts to keep our school safe and inviting to all students.
And the last leg of the success of Horizon is that teachers are allowed to teach outside the box and encourage students to use higher level thinking skills. Teachers are not put into a cookie cutter role and are allowed to use their imagination, to be innovative, creative, and to make learning something other than learning from books and handouts.


Lin Mulay

Teacher and Program Coordinator



Oct, 2010


An Education Nation

At NBC 4, we’re asked to go and speak at a lot of different events. Some of my favorites involve kids. The smiles on their faces, the potential they have in their pinky finger. The time that is on their side, the ability to dream big and follow their dreams… it’s amazing to me.

Today I was at the Horizon Science Academy High School, a charter school here in Columbus off Morse Road. They were recognized recently as a School of Excellence by the state of Ohio. Only 161 schools received that designation in the state. I had the chance to be the keynote speaker at the event and address the Seniors that will be graduating in May. I wanted to share with you some of my remarks, because it made me think about our passions, our educational opportunities, and how I’ve been fortunate enough to do what I love:

A recent survey of CEO’s by USA Today asked a group of CEO’s what advice they would give their son or daughter if they were graduating today.

Dan Amos with AFLAC… you know, the insurance company with the duck? He tells graduates to find their treasure. And he says “By treasure, I’m not talking about money or material possessions. I’m talking about something in life that they’re passionate about and pursue it. That’s the key to true happiness.“

The CEO at that company that brings us warm tasty breakfast treats—Sara Lee—tells students to also “find something that you have a great passion for, as that will make you happy. Take that passion, give it your all, and then not only will you be happy, but you’ll also be successful.“

I’m asking you this morning: are you focusing on what you love to do and do you plan on pursuing that even while you’re still in elementary, junior, and high school? It’s never to early to start.

I can honestly stand here today, a TV anchor and reporter, and tell you when I was your age I was wanting to pursue this dream. I knew I wanted to tell people’s stories, talk to them about what made them happy and sad, and put it together in a way that made people want to listen.

When I was in 4th grade I would use a wicker couch as an interview set at my parents’ house and force my two little sisters to sit down. There wasn’t an Oprah at that point, or at least she wasn’t the biggest household name out there, so I probably was channeling the female version of Geraldo Rivera. Not sure that you even know who that guy is, but he was a talk show king when I was a kid.

I would interview my sisters by using a hairbrush as a microphone, pretend I had Camera 1 and Camera 2 focused on our “interview set”… and we would have an hour long conversation about solving some made-up world crisis that only a kid could create. My sisters thought I was crazy probably. I didn’t care. This is what I loved. And now they know how serious I was about it!

In 8th grade, I had the awesome experience of attending an alternative school… a magnet school. Some of the teachers I had were incredibly inspiring, including Mr. Bill Smith. He taught a media class where we created music videos and yes, a newscast. With butcher paper as our set backdrop, we made simple “graphics” and I pretended like I was Barbara Walters with three other classmates reading the news of the day. Yes, we also had Sports and Weather.

The reasons we’re passionate about certain things in life chage over the years. In high school, I participated in Radio Speaking contests through our debate and drama team. I remember how proud I was when I took 2nd in a regional competition. It was 2nd out of 2 or 3 I think, but every little accolade makes you feel good when you’re looking a dream in the eye. Mr. Mark Waller was a teacher that encouraged me to get involved and find my voice with that competition. And it led to me focusing on the only place on wanted to go to school—-the University of Missouri. It had a world renowned journalism school and was only 4 hours from home. It was the only place I applied. I’m not saying that’s the best idea and you should only apply to one college… but I had a passion. And I got in.

There’s been several years of hard work between then and now. I’ve been in this business nearly 12 years and each step has brought new challenges. But I’ve always been passionate about telling people’s stories and have focused on that when I faced the challenges that come with the job.

David Kong, CEO with Best Western hotels, gives the advice that “in the end hard work and dedication always pay handsome dividends.“

The head honcho at 1800-FLOWERS… you may have heard of that company when your mom gets flowers. They have a Columbus connection with Cheryl’s Cookies as well. Their CEO says “your youth is one of the main things you bring to the table. share your energy and excitement.“

Hard work… energy… and following your passion. Easy things to do. I’m proof. I’m not a CEO, but I’m happy and doing what I love in my early 30’s. In case you were wondering how old I am. Most people think I’m about 22 when they see me!

Here at the Horizon Science Academy High School, they can only help in your pursuit of that passion. It’s the excellence you’re a part of everyday that will make a difference in your life. Listen to these incredible statistics. Your graduation rate: 97 percent. Student retention rate… students staying here at the school… 85 percent. You have a 95 percent attendance rate. And this is the 2nd straight year the school has achieved School of Excellence status for scores on the Ohio Graduation Test. And I’ve heard how hard those tests can be!

You’re getting a world class education. When you leave here to pursue that passion, your dreams, you will have what it takes to ask the right questions… solve the world’s problems… and become a leader in the global workforce. Don’t be afraid of the future. Be proud of this. Be passionate.

Someday you could be here… not too long from now… talking about your success. You could be a journalist. You could be the CEO of a company. Look at that Zuckerberg kid from Facebook. I mean, how old is that guy?

No matter what you do, you can make it. The road is not always easy, believe me. But with hard work, energy, and passion you can do anything.


Mikaela Hunt at NBC4