2024 CYSP Closing Ceremony

It was great to see all students, parents and mentors celebrating their successes. We have 108 medalists this year with 2024 being a record year. Click here to read more about CYSP - Concept Young Scholars Program 

Our students participated in various field trips and camping excursions, and the Leadership Camp was particularly outstanding! They learned many valuable leadership and life skills. Here are some of the CYSP events from this year:

  • 11 Weekend Enrichment 

  • 4 Parent Nights (Welcome, Thanksgiving, Iftar Dinner, and Closing Ceremony)

  • Young Jersey Dairy Trip (50 students)

  • College Fair (58 students)

  • Buck Creek Camp (9 students)

  • CONSEF (38 out of 48 CYSP students)

  • DC Trip (7 students)

  • Leadership Camp (32 students)

With this program, we aim to enhance our students' academic success, prepare them for college, and develop strong character. Mr. Toprak, the CYSP Director, would like to thank all 27 mentors and 2 mentor assistants for their contributions to all CYSP events. Special thanks to Mr. Zengince for his unwavering support of CYSP activities.
More info and pictures are available at https://www.thesquawk.org/